Meet our Equestrian Team

Meet the Team -  John Meer

​                             Dominic Hicks-Meer

Mandi purchased Dark Art (photo left) when a few days old believing him to be outright stallion potential as soon as she saw him.  Her belief was founded when he graded & became a Licensed Stallion with Breeders Elite Studbook. Mandi has produced show jumpers & show horses all her life. She has successfully competed at top shows with her home produced show horses for many years. The last 4 years she has specialised in Pre-Training young Thoroughbreds prior to moving to their Trainers.

​    ​Her experience with the breeding of sport horses has often led the Stud to Championships in showing. 2017 has proven no different with Arrathornes Draco taking the Irish Draught Sport Horse Youngstock Championship 2017 Title at the National Breed Show (a rare feat for a foal) and going on to take Reserve Champion Title at the British Show Hack Association National Show.

​    A life-long particular love of the racing Thoroughbred has led to a strong belief that in the right hands ex-racehorses can have very fulfilled lives after leaving the track. She has re-schooled & rehomed several ex-racehorses over the years & is a Panel Judge with T.A.R.R.A (Thoroughbred & Retired Racehorse Association) & successfully shows our resident retired racehorse Jamesway​in T.A.R.R.A & RoR classes.

    ​A staunch advocate of Veteran Horses, she is also a ​Panel Judge of the Veteran Horse Society​.

Mandi is - as you would expect from a Panel Judge - particularly interested in correct conformation & movement. She is ultimately responsible for the final say-so on whether a mare is suitable to join the Broodmare Team, whether Thoroughbred or Sport Horse, and whether a sport horse stallion is suitable for the sport horse mares.

    ​She is also pedantic that all horses resident with us are turned out to the highest standard (give or take the odd roll in the mud!). Her virtual OCD in relation to plaits and quarter-marks is legendary.

​    As a Director of our sister company, ​Arrathorne Feed & Equestrian Ltd,​ she is also our resident feed specialist, having the knack for feeding horses to enable them to give of their best, as a result of which she has produced many National Champions and Supreme Champions over the years. She is exceptionally particular that horses receive the best nutrition for their age / discipline & can often be found being asked for assistance on feeding. She believes in working in tandem with Nutritionalists from relevant feed companies so that clients horses always receive the optimum nutrition required & tailors every horse's diet individually to ensure they are at their best. You will generally find her viewing each of the horses daily to determine whether any change in feed or feed quantity is required.

Arrathorne SHB Ltd ​ feed all horses in their care on the best from Ireland, being Gain and/or Connolly's Red Mills.

Mandi Meer

​Mandi has a passion for Stallions seeing it as the ultimate privilege to be able to develop the special bond achievable with a stallion & to be considered worthy of their respect.  She has produced & shown Balinmore Irish Rebel (photo right) from a foal joining him in his journey  from Royal Show winner, to National Breed Youngstock Champion & Reserve Supreme Youngstock Champion & on to graded stallion status. She competes him in dressage and (when feeling brave) pops a few jumps on him & also helps Dominic from the ground when they are out competing.

​    ​Mandi is passionate about the conservation of the Irish Draught as a Breed  & foundation for solid performance horses