SERVICES - Prices are charged on a daily rate basis and start from £14.00*. Please call to discuss.

24hr on site Supervision by highly experienced staff where the horses in our care are always our first priority.

​Bloodstock                                                                            ​                                 Sport Horses

Weanlings (to 31st December)                                                                    Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements     


​​Yearlings (to 31st December)            

​Sales Preparation                                   

​Two year olds prior to Pre-Training             

Pre-Training  :                                           We are happy to begin pre-training  up to and including tack, long reining, treadmill & lunge work,                                                                           ready for your chosen trainer to put a rider up.


                                                                    Please call to discuss                                          

Fittening                                                    Horses in or out of training or sport horses requiring additional fittening work)                

Spelling Horses                                                                            


Stallion Holiday Livery (Bloodstock or

​Sport Horse)                                                     :   £45.00

Hire of Outdoor School                                  :   £25 p/hr

Hire of Incline Treadmill                                 :   £20 per 20 mins or part thereof.

​                                                                              Please note that our Treadmill is very​ hard work. 20mins is the maximum​that a very fit horse

​                                                                              can work on this machine. We recommend no more than 10 to 15 minutes if your horse is

                                                                              unused to hill work. Our staff will operate the Treadmill for you.

Equine Weigh Scales                                     :    £5.00 per weigh for horses visiting for this purpose only.

                                                                              All horses attending for use of School, Treadmill or Weigh Scale must arrive with their

                                                                              Passport (which will be checked prior to the horse leaving its transport) and have a minimum

                                                                              of the primary course of flu vaccinations)

​(i)      Boarding, Sales Preparation and Pre-Training prices are exclusive​ of VAT.

​(ii)     Hire Charges are inclusive of VAT (a VAT receipt will, however, be provided)

​(ii)     Bedding - Rape straw which we find they do not eat. Rubber Matting in all stables

​(iii)    We use only haylage made on-site by our highly experienced haylage contractors or, where necessary, haylage purchased from our

         haylage contractors.

​(iv)    We use only best quality grain, feeds & supplements - normally Gain or Connelly's Red Mills. Specific requirements can be catered for.

​(v)     \vet fees; farriery; vaccination costs; worming; clipping; etc charged at cost. 

​(vi)   10% discount on daily rates available for multiple boarding and/or long term boarding Owners.